The Zoning Ordinance Revision Committee, appointed by the City Council, is entering the final stages of its work on revising and updating the City’s Zoning Ordinance. The ordinance details and generally standardizes rules for compatible development on all properties, both commercial and residential.  Since May 2016 the committee has been working closely with its consultant Duncan Associates, and has now released a draft of the overhauled ordinance. 

While the zoning ordinance update project focuses mostly on clarifying existing regulations and improving the ordinance’s organization and format, a few more substantive changes are proposed.  Below is a quick summary of proposed key changes. 


Draft of the Overhauled Zoning Ordinance

Click here to view the draft Ordinance containing all of the proposed changes and to make comments on specific sections.


SpeakUp – Community Input Sought

After you have reviewed the draft Ordinance and or the Summary of Key Changes, please feel free to comment or ask questions on any aspect of the proposed revisions by going to the Topic Section.  

Town Hall Meeting – May 10, 2018

On May 10, the consultant and City staff will summarize all the proposed changes during a town hall style meeting at City Hall.  The public is encouraged to attend.  That meeting will begin at 7p.m.  After that meeting, the public will have additional opportunities to provide input during the June 12 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting and the July 17 City Council meeting.  Thank you for reviewing the materials, we hope to see you at the May 10 Town Hall Meeting.

May 4 – This discussion has closed. Staff will advertise for bids for Phase 1 of the project and construction drawings for that work are being finalized.  During a July or August meeting the City Council will be asked to vote on funding for Phase 1 of the project.   


The University Park Swimming Pool at Curtis Park was built in the mid to late 1930’s. After more than 80 years the pool remains the recreational core of our community. Over the decades, several renovations have taken place. Most recently, in 2009 the City upgraded the 50-meter pool’s filtration system, installed a baby pool, a spray ground, a water slide and various shade structures. In 2010, the pool was renamed and dedicated as the Holmes Aquatic Center, after former Mayor Blackie Holmes. In 2015 alone, the pool received more than 107,000 visits including passmembers and daily guests.

Development of Holmes Aquatic Center Master Plan – Building Improvements

For the past year, the University Park City Council, committees, residents and architects have been involved in developing a pool master plan. The plan centers on making improvements to the existing buildings, examining how the facility is currently being used and exploring opportunities to expand recreational programs. A major component of the study involves improvements to the facility’s two existing support buildings. Both are in an advanced state of deterioration and in need of replacement. City staff is working closely with our City Council and committees to develop a funding strategy for these improvements. The City Council recently approved $124,500 to complete the design portion of the project. No money has been awarded for actual construction. 

Project Review Process

On March 22 the City held a  community forum on proposed enhancements to the Holmes Aquatic Center.  The forum included a PowerPoint presentation from project architect Davis & Davis.  The floor plan diagrams incorporate ideas the City has received from residents who use the facility.

On April 25 the Capital Projects Review Committee approved funding for Phase I of the project - improvements to buildings on the Center's northeast side.  

On May 3, the City Council considered a staff request to complete construction drawings and to advertise for bids for Phase 1 (northeast buildings) of the project.

SpeakUp – Community Input Sought 

We invite you to comment on any project aspect listed below. Feel free to review the attached PowerPoint presentation prior to providing input. Please note, due to the scope of renovations and enhancements, when construction takes place it will be divided into two separate phases to assure that renovations and enhancements will not interrupt pool season programs and activities. Also note that the 50-meter pool will not be altered, nor will parking.